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Welcome to UK virtual

A Community Aviation Group based around you

UK virtual is a community virtual airline dedicated to providing a friendly atmosphere for flight sim ethusiasts around the globe. Below are our main features, however for more in depth information read on here.

  • 70 + airlines
  • 15000 + schedules
  • FSX, P3D and X Plane Supported
  • Regular Group Flights
  • Less Rules, more flying
  • Charter Mode and GA supported
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Leaderboards for May

The leaderboards represent our members' achievements for this month, calculated based on the flight reports they file with UK virtual. For historic data and all time leaders, you can view our full leaderboards.

Most Flights this Month
1) Jeremy Humphries 58 Flights
2) Nicholas Musto 57 Flights
3) Umberto Noto 51 Flights
4) Steve Mitchell 47 Flights
5) Mark Luces 44 Flights
Most Hours this Month
1) Nicholas Musto 126 Hours
2) Steve Mitchell 117 Hours
3) Jeremy Humphries 89 Hours
4) Mark Luces 74 Hours
5) David Stirling 74 Hours

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Latest Arrivals

Here are some flights that have just landed!

Flight UKA04Y
Arrived 1 hour ago
Robert Burns
Flight ANE03M
Arrived 2 hours ago
Colin Ray
Flight RYR7784
Arrived 2 hours ago
Graeme Barker
Flight UNI1181
Arrived 3 hours ago
Jan-Willem Van Den Hurk
Flight UKA7003
Arrived 3 hours ago
David Stirling