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We're the UK's most advanced virtual aviation group.

UK Virtual is an online community based in the United Kingdom, but attracts members from all over the world. We're unlike traditional VAs because we allow members to fly wherever they like for a whole range of airlines. Choose from one of thousands of schedules, or if you can't find one, then start a charter flight. We've got a great range of tools available on our mobile and tablet friendly website. If you're a flight simulator enthusiast and want a to know more about joining UKVirtual, you can read a bit more about us.

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Leaderboards for March

The leaderboards represent our members' achievements for this month, calculated based on the flight reports they file with UKVirtual. For historic data and all time leaders, you can view our full leaderboards.

Most Flights this Month
1) Andy Downes 71 Flights
2) Alan Blewitt 50 Flights
3) Gerald Plotts 41 Flights
4) Nick Kidd 39 Flights
5) Chris Hynds 33 Flights
Most Hours this Month
1) Nick Kidd 82 Hours
2) Andrew Tunstall 61 Hours
3) Charlie Baker 58 Hours
4) Alan Blewitt 54 Hours
5) Robert Burns 53 Hours

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Latest Arrivals

Here are some flights that have just landed!

Flight UNI1084
Arrived 40 minutes ago
Andy Downes
Flight WZZ2485
Arrived 2 hours ago
Andy Downes
Flight UNI1084
Arrived 2 hours ago
Andy Downes
Flight DRK400
Arrived 4 hours ago
Nick Kidd
Flight SWA1900
Arrived 15 hours ago
Callum Wilson